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Nabu PC
Nabu PC.png
Model no. KBD-2
FCC ID N/A / Unknown
Branding Nabu
Manufacturer Nabu Manufacturing Corporation
Keyswitches Alps SKCC Cream
Alps SKCC Lock
Switch mount Plate mount
Interface Serial RS422 (Physical DIN-6)
Years of production 1981-1984
Price $950 CAD (1983, entire system)

The Nabu Personal Computer "Keyboard Unit" is a keyboard made for use with the Nabu Personal Computer System. The keyboard model is KBD-2, with part number 90000180.


The keyboard was created for and bundled with the Nabu Personal Computer System. It uses a 6 pin DIN connector with serial RS422 to communicate with the PC, which enabled communication to and from the PC itself. The keyboard also features two joystick DB-9 ports for use with joysticks which were sold separately at the time. The keyboard is 2KRO with autorepeat enabled.

The normal keys consist of Alps SKCC Cream switches, while the Caps Lock has a Alps SKCC Lock switch on it.

It is said that the keyboard and computer were manufactured by Samsung in South Korea, but this is yet to be fully confirmed.



The keyboard consists of a top half and a bottom half, both made out of plastic. The top half of the case has a sticker on it labeled "NABU PERSONAL COMPUTER," with various function labels supposedly used in conjuction with the "SYM" key. The bottom half has a label that identifies the company and various other information such as the serial number, manufacturing date, and revision letter.

The case is held together with six screws in total, with five being standard screws with washers and one countersunk screw.


A SKCC Lock switch is present on the "CAPS" key. The SKCC Cream switches are infilled with a sort of resin or glue in the switch terminal recess, supposedly to prevent dust or solder fume incursion during manufacturing. They are the black switchplate variant, likely manufactured around 1982 using IC dating.

The switches are soldered to a PCB and clipped into a steel plate painted black on one side. The switch-plate assembly is then secured to the bottom half of the case with double-sided foam tape. The adhesive from the tape corrodes the steel plate over time, and the corrosion is present on NOS (new old stock) units. There are four slots for screws present on the plate; however, these are not used in the keyboard.

The PCB is connected to the controller board through a ribbon cable that is soldered in. The controller on the keyboard is a Motorola MC6803P.

There is a female DIN-6 connector present on the back side of the keyboard labeled "TO COMPUTER," along with two DB-9 joystick ports labeled "CONTROLLER" with a number below each port. All of the ports are soldered onto the controller board.


The keycaps are doubleshot ABS, with a white-on-black color scheme for most of the keys. A couple of keys, namely the "PAUSE", "TV⇔NABU", and "GO" key have different legend colors, being red, yellow, and dark blue respectively. The keycaps are textured on the top, while the sides are smooth. The keycap profile seems to be unique to the keyboard. The 8-key cluster on the right of the board all have the same keycap profile.


Pictures of the Nabu PC keyboard.