Sony NEWS NWP-5461

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Sony NEWS NWP-5461
Sony NEWS NWP-5461 Front.JPG
Part number NWP-5461
Branding SONY, NEWS, Topre (on PCB)
Manufacturer Topre
Layouts 103-key Japanese (1 power button)
Keyswitches Topre
Interface Proprietary cable
Weight 1539g
Years of production 1988-1995

The Sony NEWS NWP-5461 is a Japanese layout keyboard that came with Sony NEWS (Network Engineering Workstation) workstations sold in the late 1980s to mid 1990s.

It interfaces with a proprietary DE9 connector with 8 pins and has an 8-pin Mini-DIN connector in the centre on the underside of the keyboard for connecting a mouse. It also has a power button in the top-left corner on the face of the keyboard, 4 DIP switches of unknown purpose on the underside and a volume wheel on the left side.


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