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TG3 KBA-BL82 BLT front.jpeg
Branding None
Manufacturer TG3 Electronics
Product family Rugged 75%
Layouts 82-key ANSI
Keyswitches Cherry MX Black
Interface PS/2, USB
Years of production current; in production


TG3 KBA-BL82 and TG3 KBA-(n)BLT are the two variants of TG3 75% rugged keyboard that is usually used in kiosks, in industrial environment, by the military, by emergency & police services, and basically anywhere you could expect liquid spills or rough/abusive handling. The only difference between the two is the touchpad. A great majority of these keyboards are backlit, but there are also some non-backlit models -- the non-backlit version displays an "n" in the model name, as in KBA-nBLT. More of a standard, consumer-oriented keyboards are distributed via Deck brand (TG3 is the parent company) that are still extraordinarily tough and well made -- so, for example, Deck 82 is essentially same as TG3 KBA-BL82.


These are immensely sturdy compacts and protected to the extent that it's hard to feel their mechanical nature. It's easy to mistake these keyboards for somewhat stiff rubber domes because of the protective rubberized or Saran wrap-like layer between the keycaps and the switches. But underneath the protective layer, both keyboards come with Cherry MX Black switches. You can remove the protective layer to get a typical Cherry MX Black feel and performance at the expense of losing some factory built-in specs (e.g., water resistance).

Full specs

Dimensions: 304 × 152 × 38 mm / 12 × 6 × 1.5 inches
Dimensions (w/touchpad): 304 × 197 × 32 mm / 12 × 7.75 × 1.25 inches
Weight: 907 g / 2.0 lbs
Switch: Cherry MX Black
Switch type: Linear
Keys/Layout: 82; ANSI; low profile, full key size
Keycaps: black; unique 2 shot and sublimated process
Interface: PS/2, USB
Cable: fixed (non-detachable)
Water resistant: splash guard (Mil Std 810 compliant from top side)
Backlight dimming: 8 levels; Fn+Up/Down arrows; Fn+0/Fn+7
LEDs life: 200000 hr
Temperature: storage:
- -55C to +85C / -67F to 185F
Temperature: operating:
- -40C to +70C / -40F to 158F
Radiated immunity: 20 volts/meter
Known model numbers:
- KBA-BL82-5RBIVS: 82 Key, Red Backlight, PS2
- KBA-BL82-5RBUVS: 82 Key, Red Backlight, USB
- KBA-BLT-5RBIVS: 82 Key, Red Backlight, Touchpad, PS2 
- KBA-BLT-5RBUVS: 82 Key, Red Backlight, Touchpad, USB 
- KBA-nBLTA-P3917A-RC: 82 Key, Non-backlit, Touchpad, USB


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