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Japan Digital Laboratory (JDL)
Branding JDL, Japan Digital Laboratory, Topre (on PCB)
Manufacturer Topre
Layouts 126-key Japanese
Keyswitches Topre switches
Interface PS/2 & USB
Weight Varies - Between 1500g and 1700g
Price Unknown

JDL (Japan Digital Laboratory) Keyboards are made by Topre for JDL. Japan Digital Laboratory deal in electronic equipment manufacture, development and sales and also in the Airline industry in Japan. There are at least four known variants of the JDL keyboard, two of which are pictured below. Known variants of the JDL Keyboard have 126 keys in Japanese layout, with at least two models having dedicated shortcuts keys at the top of the keyboard for various functions.

Two examples of the JDL Keyboard are known to have detachable cables with built-in cable routing systems on the underside of the keyboard. The PS/2 version also has a PS/2 connector on the right side of the keyboard for attaching a mouse. The keyboards pictured below both have height adjustable feet.

JDL Keyboards are likely used in banking/accounting or office environments. It is possible that they are also used by JDL employees working in the aviation sector of the company as Topre do make mention in a number of their marketing articles for REALFORCE keyboards that their keyboards are used in the aviation industry.


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