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Xiang Min Co., Ltd.
Industry Components
Founded 1994 / 2001
Headquarters Taipei, Taiwan
Key people Lian Lee
Employees 110
Website xiangmin.myweb.hinet.net

Xiang Min (Chinese: 祥敏企業有限公司 – Xiang Min Enterprise Co. Ltd.) (IPA: /ɕi̯ǎŋ.mìn/, shang min) is a Taiwanese component manufacturer known within the keyboard community for their KSB series Alps clone switch.

Xiang Min was founded in 1994 as Yih-Cheng Precision Steel Tooling Co., Ltd in Taipei City. In 1997 they opened the Xiamen Fulltech Precision Plastic Co. Ltd. factory in Xiamen, China. In this factory they started producing switches and other plastic computer parts. The company did not take the name Xiang Min Co. Ltd. until 2001, when they set up sales and development departments in Taipei.

From this, one can deduce that any so-called "XM" switch keyboards made before 1994 were definitely not using switches from Xiang Min, and keyboards made between 1994 and 1997 most likely also used Alps clones from other manufacturers. The KSB switch family is most likely a copy of a pre-existing clone on the market in the mid 90s.