HTK switch

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HTK switch
Manufacturer Hottek?
Sense method Metal leaf
Keycap mount Cherry MX mount
Switch mount Plate mount

HTK switch is a provisional name for a derivative of SMK J-M0404 series.


Details on this switch are fairly sketchy, confined to machine translation of a single Chinese page. HTK switches differ from SMK J-M0404 design in several ways:

  • The switch contains a click leaf (grey version, possibly not the black version)
  • The static contact has one lateral notch instead of two across the top bar
  • There is a reinforcing recess at the foot of the movable plate
  • The keystem is Cherry MX mount

The manufacturer is unknown, but "HTK" may simply be an abbreviation for Hottek, who have used these switches.

The MX mount SMK clone series (confirmed to be Cherry MX mount) appears to be an unbranded derivative, as identical mould numbering appears on them. The metal parts are essentially identical, although the shell moulds have been modified if not recreated.


  • Black with circular slider, clicky; in two photos the slider is bordering on pure white, while it is a mid grey in another photo, while refers to it as "灰" (grey)
  • Black with rectangular black slider — this is an alternate action switch with the locking mechanism removed; the internals have not been depicted



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