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ICL One Per Desk keyboard
ICL One-Per-Desk keyboard front view.JPG
Manufacturer Alps Electric
Layouts QWERTY Custom
Keyswitches Alps semi-integrated dome
Weight 435 g
Years of production 1984–1985

This is the keyboard for the OPD (One Per Desk) computer which was manufactured by ICL. This 73-key keyboard uses the standard QWERTY layout with 10 of the keys colour coded to act as function keys and double as a "telephone style" numeric pad. The keyboard itself was manufactured by Alps Electric and uses Alps semi-integrated dome switches (Alps SKEY-like open rubber dome switches with separate sliders).

Keyboards with black QWERTY keys and a red ENTER key are export units intended for the Australian market, whereas keyboards in standard OPD/Tonto Colours but with inverted "£" and "#" symbols and 3 letter "telephone" groups on the front faces of the numeric pad are thought to be export units for North America.

Later versions of the keyboard have blocking diodes on 5 keys.


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