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Kinesis Evolution
Part number KB410PC
Manufacturer Workplace Designs, Kinesis Corporation
Keyswitches Alps SKCM White, Cherry MX Brown
Interface AT/Serial mouse and 2×PS/2
Years of production (at least 1996-2000)
Price $499

This truly split keyboard has an integrated trackpad.

It was made to be mounted on a chair. A long coiled cable connects the two halves. The host cable splits into two cable with a large DIN and a 9-pin DSUB. It could have come with adapters to PS/2.

One notable detail is that the numeric row's 6 key is present on both halves. There are normal indicator lights inside Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock keys, but also in the up-arrow key.

It is manufactured with Cherry MX Brown switches. It has also been manufactured with Alps SKCM White switches.

The keyboard was originally by Workplace Designs, Inc. as the Floating Arms Keyboard (FAK). [1] It was once sold by Cramer pre-mounted on a chair as The Keyboard Chair [2] on "".


White Alps version


Like many Kinesis keyboards, this keyboard is programmable. Here are some of key sequences to do that.

  • scrlck-f12 <x> <y> scrlck-f12 : remap key y to key x
  • scrlck-f11 <x> <y0> <y1> <y...> scrlck-f11 : assign macro <y0..n> to key <x>
  • scrlck-shift-f10 : soft reset (chord in that order)
  • scrlck-f9 : ?
  • powerup holding f7 : reset all macros and keymaps


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