SIIG MiniTouch Plus

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MiniTouch Plus
MiniTouch PS/2 Plus
SIIG MiniTouch PS2 Plus.jpg
Model no. KB1941 (Plus)
Part number JK-AB0211 (Plus)
JK-APS311-S1 (PS/2 Plus)
FCC ID E5X5R5BTC-5100C (1996)
Branding SIIG
Manufacturer BTC
Layouts 80-key compact ANSI
Keyswitches BTC dome with slider
Interface AT (Plus)
PS/2 (PS/2 Plus)
Years of production 2002–2009
Supersedes SIIG MiniTouch

SIIG MiniTouch Plus is a compact rubber dome keyboard sold by SIIG; it is a rebadged BTC 5100C. The typical customer for these keyboards was industry and retail, due to the compact size and durability.[1]


The MiniTouch Plus was introduced shortly after the MiniTouch, and was sold for a much greater length of time (seven years instead of one year). Where the MiniTouch was beige, the MiniTouch Plus is dark grey; instead of a ridged area at the top, there is a pencil tray. The layout is somewhat different, with the ~ key to the left of '1', a horizontal enter key, and cursor keys no longer in an inverse-T formation.

The MiniTouch Plus uses BTC dome with slider switches: Cherry MX mount sliders over conductive rubber domes over a PCB.[2][3] The smaller function keys of the 5100C have custom miniature sliders.[4]


MiniTouch Plus

This version uses a DIN-5 connector. It is SIIG model KB1941, and has part number JK-AB0211. The first purchase order was placed in October of 2002, and the last purchase order was placed in 2008.[1] The original MiniTouch was sourced in January of that year.

MiniTouch PS/2 Plus

This was introduced later in 2005 and offered a PS/2 plug. The last purchase order was placed in 2009. The part number is JK-APS311-S1; it did not have a model number.[1] The PS/2 version seemingly has a less snappy/tactile key press, and is quieter in comparison.[5]