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MiniTouch PS/2
Part number JK-A10032 (AT)
JK-APS011 (PS/2)
FCC ID FKD46AK110P (1991)
Branding SIIG
Manufacturer Monterey
Layouts 81-key 75% ANSI
Keyswitches Hua-Jie AK series
SMK Alps mount
Interface AT (model KB1903)
PS/2 (model KB1948)
Years of production 2002–2003
Precedes SIIG MiniTouch Plus

SIIG MiniTouch is a 75% mechanical keyboard sold by SIIG; it is a rebadged Monterey K110. The primary market for these keyboards was industry and retail, where the AT interface and lack of a Windows key was not an issue, while the compact size was important.

The MiniTouch has also been badged as the SIIG Suntouch Jr. to correspond with the full-size SIIG Suntouch K101.[1]


The MiniTouch was sourced from Monterey International in Taiwan, between January 2002 and January 2003. Over its one-year production run, the MiniTouch shipped with both switch types: blue clicky "Monterey" SMK Alps mount switches, and ivory Hua-Jie AK-CN2 Alps clones. The SMK switch variant was made in Taiwan, while the Alps clone variant was made in China; SIIG themselves are reportedly unaware that two different switches were used in their keyboard. The MiniTouch also used both the laser-etched and the pad printed legends, as well as being found with the blue num lock and (separately) numeric keypad layer legends. The large variation in a single year at the end of, or beyond the end of the K110's production lifetime suggests that the orders were fulfilled using leftover parts or stock.

The MiniTouch was superceded by the SIIG MiniTouch Plus.



The MiniTouch (model KB1903, part number JK-A10032) is the AT version. Despite the age of the AT interface, the two keyboards were produced in conjunction from January 2002 to January 2003, and both model numbers can be found on the same label on some keyboards.

MiniTouch PS/2

The MiniTouch PS/2 (model KB1948, part number JK-APS011) is the PS/2 version.

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