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Signature Plastics
Industry Plastic injection moulding
Founded 2001
Headquarters Custer, Washington, USA

Signature Plastics (commonly referred to as SP) is an injection moulding specialist located in Custer, Washington, USA. They are also a specialist keycap manufacturer, offering double-shot moulding, dye sublimation and pad printing options for keycap legends. In the keyboard community, Signature Plastics are a major supplier of group buy keycaps; typically they are called upon to provide double-shot keycaps, but they have also provided dye-sublimated PBT keycaps for the Granite group buy.

Signature Plastics run the Pimp My Keyboard group buy website. The oldest clear reference to this website is from 2012,[1] but no information seems to exist regarding when it was opened, or when it started offering group buys.

In 2013, Diatec released spherical double-shot keycaps for Filco keyboards, which are believed to be Signature Plastics SA family (to which they bear an exact likeless).[2]


The company is a management buyout of Comptec Inc, the US arm of the former Canadian injection-molding manufacturer Comptec.[3][4]



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