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Please use the discussion to discuss changes in order or structure of this article.

There is no use of an edit war!

The idea behind my choice of structure is to show keyboard layouts like Model F, Model M, good old Mainfraim cumputer terminal keyboards, Symbolics, Sun layout, HHKB and what not else INEDEPANDANT of languge specific variants!

The language specific variants are (except for Japan and ISO vs. ANSI) more or less independant from the general layout. - User:7bit

Please quit the high drama; there was no edit war going on.
I just saw that the Lisp keyboards were somehow taking up most of the content, so I just shoved them to the bottom and started adding stub content. There were no comments of what was to come or where you wanted to take the article. Also, nobody "owns" this page or should be able to claim sole credit. This wiki is a wiki, at least as far as I could see.
If you want to "protect" this page for a week or so, just ask. Adding comments like STOP! WAIT! DON'T! NO! is a bit silly. ;-)
If you want, I could whip up some templates to temporarily claim a page as being worked on by a given user.
Oh, and please tag your discussion items with user name and timestamp by putting the following at the end of your post:
You can also do this by clicking the "signature" button in the editor (this button) --Jbert 23:57, 18 April 2011 (CEST)

Split into several pages?

This page is coming to be a bit unwieldy. It has too many sections. I was thinking that perhaps the "physical designs", "custom layout generators" and "changing layout on the computer" sections could be extricated onto new pages of their own.

UDPATE: The meat of the "physical designs" section got a page on Symbolics, the "region-specific layouts" section a page on Region-specific layouts. Links have been added.

I was unsure what to do with the list that no-one seemed to be adding any info to, so I'm placing it below for now. For reference, this is how the page looked.

  • XT keyboards
  • AT keyboards
  • Enhanced and Modern keyboards
  • Sun Layout Keyboards
  • Terminal Keyboards
  • Space Cadet Keyboard
  • Symbolics

Split should be (User:7bit, 2012-04-15)

  • layouts
  • modifications
  • Windows how to
  • UNIX/BSD/Linux how to
  • X11 how to (yes, this is not the same as UNIX/BSD/Linux)