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Macintosh Plus Keyboard
Apple M0110A top.jpg
Part number Apple M0110A
Branding Apple
Manufacturer Alps Electric, Mitsumi, SMK
Keyswitches Alps SKCC series
SMK vintage linear
Mitsumi standard mechanical (plus latching equivalents)
Keycaps Dye-sub (Alps version)
Double-shot (SMK version)
(?) (Mitsumi version)
Interface Apple proprietary (not ADB)
Dimensions 395 × 145 × 62.5 mm (Alps, SMK)
Weight 1240 g (Alps version)
1230 g (SMK version)
Years of production 1986–1990
Precedes Apple Standard Keyboard
Supersedes Apple M0110

The Apple M0110A was the keyboard shipped with the Macintosh Plus.

Unlike its predecessor, the Apple M0110, it has a numeric key pad and cursor keys.

The protocol is an extended version of the one used for the M0110 and follows the same wiring pinout as the M0110 [1]. The leads on the wire are straight-through and not crossed like a standard telephone cord so a normal telephone cable cannot be used as a replacement or extension[2].


Made by Alps in the US. Alps SKCC Tall Cream switches under the momentary keys, and Alps SKCC Lock under caps lock. The keycaps appear to be dye-sublimated.
Mitumi (Japan)
Made by Mitsumi in Japan. Mitsumi standard mechanical switches; Mitsumi standard mechanical lock under caps lock.
Mitsumi (Malaysia)
Made by Mitsumi in Malaysia; this is reported to be identical to the Japan-made version.[3]
Made by SMK in Taiwan. SMK vintage linear switches with an SMK lock switch under caps lock. Double-shot moulded keycaps.


The M0110A can be used with a modern computer, using:

  • Hasu's M0110 to USB converter


Alps version

Mitsumi version (Japan)

SMK version

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