Cherry ML

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Cherry ML
Cherry ML -- infobox.jpg
Force graph--tactile--Cherry ML.svg
Manufacturer Cherry
Product code ML1A-xxxx (lowest profile)
ML1B-xxxx (robust)
Introduced 1996[1]
Switch type Tactile
Rated lifetime 20 M
Actuation force 45 cN
Pretravel 1.5 ± 0.51 mm
Total travel 3.0 ± 0.51 mm
Patents US5488213 (1992)


The Cherry ML switch is a low-profile keyswitch, only available in a single tactile variant. Cherry ML switches are designed to be PCB mounted only. Their design, just like the full-travel Cherry MX keyswitch, allows support for wire-jumpers or diodes.

Cherry ML switches came in two different heights, with product codes beginning ML1A and ML1B for the "lowest profile" short and "robust" extended height versions. The short version is the most common variant, found in Cherry G84 Series keyboards. According to Cherry, ML1B-11JW was discontinued in September 2013.


Sub-type Models
Cherry ML1A-11JW.jpg Lowest profile ML1A-11JW (pictured; with jumper)
ML1A-11NW (without jumper)
Cherry ML1B-11JW.jpg Robust ML1B-11JW (with jumper)




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