Chicony KB-5591

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Chicony KB-5591
Manufacturer Chicony
Layouts ISO, semi-ISO
Keyswitches SMK Alps mount switch
Interface AT (keyboard)
Serial (mouse)
Supersedes Chicony KB-5581

Chicony KB-5591 (semi-ISO)[1] and KB-5592 (ISO) are an AT keyboards from Chicony with an integrated trackball. The trackball replaces the cursor keys, and there are three mouse buttons at the front-left of the case. The single cable splits out to AT and serial connectors for the keyboard and trackball respectively.

There are four lock LEDs on the keyboard: num lock, caps lock, scroll lock, and cursor lock. In cursor lock mode, the trackball transmits cursor keypresses; the toggle for cursor lock is not documented and has yet to be identified.

To guide the user's fingers, the left mouse button has two small bumps on it, and the right button has a small raised bar.


Chicony are infamous for having routinely changed the switches in their mechanical boards. So far, this board has only been seen with SMK Alps mount switches.


KB-5592, German

German-layout model with turquoise trackball and curved corners to the trackball module cover.