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A relegendable key is a key whose legend can be changed non-destructively. It consists often of two parts, one bottom and an removable top. Most relegendable key variants are flat. Relegendable keys are most often found on programmable keyboards, such as point-of-sale keyboards where ease of customization to the store's inventory is important.

Some key tops are transparent allowing for a piece of paper to be put in-between. Some vendors, such as Tipro offer also opaque printed key tops. Some keyboards (like the Cherry G80-2100) have relegendable function keys with a default legend printed on the bottom, visible through the clear top.

Most relegendable keys that are larger than one key span attach to two (or more) key switches -- not a single switch and stabilizers.

Cherry MX compatible


Top row only. (Flat and high) Some keys are printed on the front, or on the legendable area. Found in several colours, including black. See Cherry G80-2100 and Cherry G80-3700.



Genovation keys and key puller for relegendable keys.

Used on Genovation's programmable keypads. High profile, but different in shape from top row keys.


Signature Plastics DCS

Top row of Signature Plastics' DCS family, the clear lid exposes both the top and front of the key.

Kubic Keycaps. A two-part keycap.

  1. Clear 12×12mm flat, thin, clear piece in a black rectangular frame
  2. A translucent base, including the Cherry MX stem

LED-backlight compatible. You can insert 12×12mm labels or transparencies in between the two parts.



Lowest profile. There are two versions that are incompatible with one-another.



Not Cherry MX-compatible



Relegendable keycaps on the numpad of the IBM 4980 keyboard.