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USw LABI01 -- infobox.jpg
Sense method Metal leaf
Keycap mount Alps mount

USw LABI01 is an Alps clone switch likely to be manufactured by Hua-Jie. Found in a KPT KPT-84 dated 2002 but with a controller chip from 1995, the switch design appears to be half-way between the Hua-Jie AK-CN2 and Hua-Jie AK-CN2 (2). The mould numbering is NW:##,SE:## with matching pairs of numbers. The switch has an ivory slider.

The switch is comparatively low in force for an Alps clone, being similar in weight and feel to Alps SKCM White. The balkiness expected from Alps clone switches is largely absent, making it fairly comfortable to type on for anyone who appreciates a firmer switch.


The movable contact design is half-way between the Hua-Jie AK-CN2 and Hua-Jie AK-CN2 (2), with incomplete separation of the fingers and tapered sides. The fingers themselves are not tapered, however.

The stationary contact is the small type used by the AK-CN2 (2).

The switch has a narrow copper click leaf.


  • Aron Zoom KB-A106S (chip date 9919)[1]
  • Some KPT KPT-84 (chip date 9524)



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