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Apple III
Manufacturer The Keyboard Company (manufacturer)
Keyswitches Alps SKCC Cream
, Alps SKFF Double Action Black, Alps SKFF Double Action White
Years of production 1980-1983
Precedes Apple III Plus

The Apple III (III written in italics or using slashes) is a microcomputer from Apple. It is notable for being one of the few (if not the only) computer keyboard to feature double action switches.


Like its predecessor the Apple II, the keyboard has a Control key to the left of 'A', with an Alpha Lock key in the bottom left corner. There are two Apple keys next to the Alpha Lock key. There is a 3×5 numeric keypad with a minus sign and Enter key but no calculator keys. Notable is that it has no (backwards) Delete key, instead having backslash in that position.

The cursor keys are in a backwards-L configuration and have double action switches. Keyboards have been found with Alps SKFF Double action in Black or White variety. The keys repeat faster when pressed to the bottom.

The computer was plagued with numerous problems and discontinued in 1983. It was succeeded by the Apple III Plus, which was cheaper and had a different keyboard — with a Delete key and no special switches for the cursor keys.


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