Cherry MX White

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Cherry MX White
Cherry MX white.jpg
Manufacturer Cherry
Family Cherry MX
Product code MX1A-A1xx
Introduced By 1985
Switch type Clicky
Sense method Metal leaf
Rated lifetime 20 M (1985)
50 M (present)
Bounce time 5 ms
Actuation force 75 cN (1985)
80 cN (1988)

Cherry MX White is a medium-stiff, tactile, soft-click mechanical keyboard switch in the Cherry MX family. The original non-pigmented version was also called "Vintage Type A" White.


The date of introduction is not known, but its existence is confirmed in a July 1985 MX datasheet. MX White appears to be the manifestation of Cherry's MX patent filed in 1983. The internal sliding collar engages with the switch contacts in such a way as to provide hysteresis. In itself, this would also cause a sharp click sound; grease is applied to the sliding collar to reduce this sound. Cherry MX Blue, which is permitted to emit its full click sound, was a later addition to the MX range. The 1985 MX datasheet describes MX White and MX Click Grey as "MX mit Druckpunkt" (MX with pressure point), further suggesting that the click sound inherent in the design was not intended. The click sound is not always fully suppressed however.

The slider was originally produced without pigment, giving it an almost identical appearance to Cherry MX Clear;[Citation needed] a "cam" (as Cherry call it)—a small post—on the top of the slider platform provides visual recognition of a switch with hysteresis, allowing MX Clear and non-pigmented MX White to be easily distinguished. By 1988, white pigment had been added to the slider for ease of identification, leading to the name of "MX White".

In Asia, the MX White is known as the "Milk" switch because the MX Clear was already referred to as the "White" switch. Keyboards marketed in both the East and West usually show both names.