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Cherry MX White
Cherry MX white.jpg
Manufacturer Cherry
Family Cherry MX
Product code MX1A-A1xx (later type)
Introduced 1987
Switch type Clicky
Sense method Metal leaf
Actuation force 55 cN, 80 cN

The Cherry MX White switch is a medium-stiff, tactile, soft-click mechanical keyboard switch in the Cherry MX family.


  • Vintage Type A: 80 cN, translucent white stem, black click collar[1] — 1987–?[Citation needed]
  • Vintage Type B: 50 cN, translucent white stem, translucent white click collar[Citation needed] — 1989–?[Citation needed]
  • Modern: 80 cN, opaque white stem, black click-collar — 2007–2012+?

The Type B has been reported to feel identical to modern Cherry MX Blue.[Citation needed] Because of the stiffer type's similarity to Cherry MX Green, it is sometimes called "albino green".[Citation needed]

The sliders in the newer switches are pigmented white, while the older ones are colourless. The slider construction is a bit different. The spring is identical to the one in the vintage Type A clicky switch and feels identical.

The Cherry MX White is not to be confused with the Cherry MX Clear which also has translucent white sliders. Modern MX Whites can be distinguished more easily because their sliders are opaque, but vintage Whites are almost visually identical to Clears.


The Cherry MX White/translucent slider were available in a number of very early (c. 1987–1988) Cherry keyboards such as the G80-1000HFD and G80-1800HFD. They were quickly replaced with the Cherry MX Blues. MX Whites were also used in some early OEM keyboards, such as various Chicony models.

The Cherry MX White/solid white slider are rare in keyboards but can be found at component retailers.

As of 2012, the later version is available directly from the manufacturer and some suppliers. There have been group orders among enthusiasts. Individual key switches can be purchased from QWERKeys.

Non-backlit versions of Ducky One keyboards[2] are currently available with MX Whites.


Some Chicony keyboards contain a clone of the Cherry MX White switch, the Aristotle Cherry MX clone. Its slider is also translucent white, but its housing—which is made from a brittler plastic—has no Cherry logo and is a simpler shape. The switch has been described as slightly more tactile than MX Whites, and its inner slider is different. Most Cherry keycaps sit very loosely on the clone switches.


In Asia, the MX White is known as the "Milk" switch because the MX Clear was already referred to as the "White" switch. Keyboards marketed in both the East and West usually show both names.

Ducky switch label.jpg


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