Cherry G80-1800

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Cherry G80-1800
Cherry g80-1800HAD winkeyless topview 01.jpg
Branding Various
Manufacturer Cherry
Features Compact 19" keyboard
Layouts 101/102 key and 104/105 key in US, DE, and many more.
Keyswitches Cherry MX
Interface AT, PS/2 or USB
Weight 1.6—1.8 kg[Citation needed]
Years of production 1990s/2000s
Price ~40–50€[Citation needed]

The Cherry G80-1800 is a series of PC-compatible keyboards. It is currently in production, made by Cherry. Special versions have model numbers of the form G80-18xx, like for example the Dolch keyboards G80-1813 etc.

Of the regular production series, several variations exist, sharing the same G80-1800 model number. Earlier keyboards have 1.5 units keys (Alt/Control) without a gap in the bottom row and a regular 7 units space bar, while newer models come with Windows keys (1 units keys right of the 6 units space bar). The keycaps have been made in several types of plastics (double-shot ABS, PBT and POM) and in several colour variations. Contemporary keyboards are either completely light grey or black.


A modern G80-1800 with Windows keys and logo of the corporation that ordered it.

Compared to IBM's classic enhanced layout, the numerical key pad has been moved closer to the main keyboard with the arrow keys squeezed in-between and down. The nav cluster has been moved to the top and the Print Screen, Scroll Lock and Pause/Break keys have been moved into a column to the right of it. To make space, the numpad-0 key and the numpad-<plus> key have been shrunk to 1 unit in size.

In comparison to the Cherry G80-3000, several keys now belong on a different row. These keycaps have a different profile (most noticeably height) and as such, are not fully interchangeable between the G80-1800 and G80-3000. Delete, End, PgDn, numpad-<minus>, ←, ↓, → are so affected.

The right Shift key is 1.75 units wide and has no stabilizer. This key does not fit the G80-11800 and G80-11900 where this key is 2 units wide and has a stabilizer bar.

The keys on the space-bar row on the main keyboard are the same as on the G80-11800 and G80-11900 series. On the variations with Windows keys, the space bar is 6 units wide and the other keys are one unit wide. The winkeyless variants had 1.5 unit Ctrl and Alt keys and full 7-unit space bar as on the winkeyless G80-3000 but all shuffled to the left side.

Keycap sizes

All G80-1800 require a 1.75 units right Shift and a 1 unit numpad-0 key. The space bars of the earlier versions is just the regular 7 units, while later versions with Windows keys require a special 6 units space bar.

Signature Plastics has DCS-space bars that fit both variants (6 and 7 units), while there exists only a 7 units space bar in the SA-family.


The very first models were winkeyless, with a DIN interface (switchable XT/AT) and double-shot keycaps. Later models got PS/2 connectors and Windows keys and also had double-shot keycaps.

Like other contemporary Cherry keyboards, current G80-1800s have Windows keys, a USB interface and only laser-etched keycaps in light grey PBT or black POM.

Current G80-1800s have Cherry MX Black switches. Earlier models and special variations have several types of Cherry MX switches. For instance, the Cherry G80-1865 has Cherry MX Brown.

Notable variations below.

Photo Model number Branding Colour scheme Other features Codes known to exist
G80-1804[1][2] Videonics Black case, beige keycaps Clear switches
G80-1808[3] Cherry Unusual switches (Green, Clear, White, linear Grey)
G80-1811 Ergo Grey Case WoB ABS doubleshot Keycaps, Winkeyless, MX-Black HAD
Dolch PAC-62 keyboard.jpg G80-1813 Dolch (mostly) Colour scheme that led to the "Dolch" colour scheme Unusual shaped case, has some Doubleshots keycaps that led to the creation of the "Dolch" colour scheme, Cherry MX Blue switches
G80-1824.JPG G80-1824 Scitex Grey or White case Grey ABS Doubleshot Keycaps, Clear MX switches with one Tactile Grey on the space bar HAU
G80-1838[4] Compaq Light grey "albino"[5] Brown MX switches HPU
G80-1851[6] Lauer Fischer Black MX Switches, pbt lasered keycaps LPMDE[7], LUCDE[8]
G80-1853[9] Light grey "albino" Russian RB layout LPMRB, LRMRB
G80-1856[10] Black MX switches, Doubleshot Keycaps HQMGB
G80-1861HAD.jpeg G80-1861 Goupil Black case HAU, HAD, HAF
G80-1863[11] Black Based on Raptor K1, no NKRO HUMUS-2
G80-1865[12] Black Based on Raptor K1. 2-port USB hub.Brown (lasered keycaps with NKro : LXNEU, doubleshots but without NKro : HXNEU),Blue ( lasered keycaps but NKro LWNEU, doubleshots but without NKro : ? (probably HWNEU)) HWNEU, HXNEU, LWNEU, LXNEU, LYNEU
G80-1869[13] Black Based on Raptor K1. Supplied in fitted carrying case.
RaptorGaming 86221.jpg G80-1890[14] Raptor Gaming Black Case Black ABS Doubleshot Keycaps or PBT lasered Keycaps, multiple choice of switches HAU, HUARF



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