Infinity ErgoDox

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Infinity ErgoDox
Part number M0110
Manufacturer Input Club
Keyswitches Cherry MX or Alps
Interface USB
Introduced 2015
Stabiliser Costar

The Infinity ErgoDox is a clone of the ErgoDox keyboard, made with the blessing of the ErgoDox's creator Dox.

It is an open source design, by Haata who also wrote the firmware. The circuit boards were designed by Parak.


New features compared to the original:

  • All new surface-mounted electronics.
  • Support for both Cherry MX and Alps.
  • Backlit keys
  • A small LCD screen for showing layer
  • New keyboard interconnect.

Features removed:

  • There is no support for 1×1u keys for little-finger columns or instead of 1×2u thumb keys.
  • No support for PCB-mounted stabilisers.
  • Not compatible with original ErgoDox cases or firmware.



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