Matias Tactile Pro 2.0

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Matias Tactile Pro 2.0
Branding Matias Corporation
Manufacturer Strong Man[1]
Features 2-port USB 2.0 hub
Keyswitches Forward SKBM Grey, Matias switch
Interface USB
Precedes Matias Tactile Pro 3
Supersedes Matias Tactile Pro
Price US$149.95

The Matias Tactile Pro 2.0 is the successor to the Matias Tactile Pro. As with the original model, the Tactile Pro 2.0 was manufactured by Strong Man.

The USB ports were updated to USB 2.0.

Strong Man alleged that the switches were their own, which Matias Corporation branded more respectably as "Matias switches". However, they have been found to be Forward SKBM Grey switches which are only branded on the bottom.


White, for Macintosh

Silver and black, for PCs

Design-wise, the white interior inside the transparent plastic has been replaced with alumina-coloured plastic and the keycaps are black instead of white.

It acts as a Windows PC keyboard by default, with the "OS-Key" (Windows/Command) and Alt (Option) keys swapped, but can be changed to Mac layout with the help of a driver utility.

On these models, the Caps Lock key has been replaced with an Optimize key which activates a hardware-defined key layer that maps keys such as arrow keys and functions such as Cut, Copy and Paste onto the alphanumeric keys. This is intended to obviate the need for the right hand to leave the alphanumeric keys while typing.


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