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Apple Keyboard
Apple M0116 full.jpg
Part number M0116
FCC ID BCG6LWM0117 (if present)
Branding Apple
Manufacturer Alps Electric?
Keyswitches Alps SKCM Orange
Alps SKCM Salmon
Alps SKCM White (some Arabic models)
Alps SKCL Lock
Switch mount Plate mount
Interface ADB
Years of production 1987—1990
Precedes Apple Keyboard II
Supersedes Apple M0110A
Price $129 USD (1987)

The Apple Keyboard or Apple Standard Keyboard (to distinguish it from several other keyboards called "Apple Keyboard"), is a plate-mounted tactile Alps SKCM series keyboard from Apple.


The keyboard was introduced with the Macintosh II and Macintosh SE, which did not come with a keyboard. Instead, buyers had the option of buying the "standard" keyboard, or the more expensive Apple Extended Keyboard.

The Apple Standard Keyboard features two bidirectional ADB ports that function either as upstream (to connect to the computer or another ADB device higher up the chain) or downstream (for connecting the mouse or downstream peripherals). The cable is detachable and connects to either ADB port, with the mouse normally connected to the other port. Right-handed people would typically use the right-hand ADB port for the mouse, and left-handed people would use the port on the left; the other port is used for the keyboard cable.

Normal keys use either Alps SKCM Orange or Salmon switches. The caps lock key uses an Alps SKCL Lock switch.

The keycaps are dye sublimated PBT (except the space bar, which is ABS), and have Apple's typical bottom-left legends with italic type, in the font Univers Condensed Thin.


The layout is identical to the Apple Desktop Bus Keyboard's for the Apple IIGS. This is the last Macintosh keyboard to have a backwards L-shaped Return key (like the M0110A) and the only Macintosh keyboard to have a Control key in the position to the left of 'A' like keyboards for/on the Apple II.
ISO with a narrow return key, but with a caps lock and control in their more common positions
Two different labels have been spotted. Only keyboards with English layout have been spotted with an FCC ID on the label. The FCC ID and all (spotted) serial numbers end with "M0117", which would indicate that a M0117 model could exist or was planned.
Arabic M0118, s/n AM035379M0117AB, spotted on US ebay April 25, 2021 with Alps SKCM white switches.
All known M0118s were made in Ireland or the USA.
Keyboards of both model numbers were offered with legends for different languages and regions.


M0116, Orange/Cream, US layout

This appears to be an early example, from 1987. The switches have long white switchplates and no Alps logo.

M0116, Salmon/Grey, US layout

Unfortunately dating evidence was not collected before this keyboard was sold on.

M0118, Salmon

M0118 Finnish/Swedish layout

M0117AB Arabic layout

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